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UX Camp HH is a barcamp. Meaning: you will provide the content of our little event – but no need to panic! Our participants are a nice and welcoming bunch of people and totally respect rough ideas and ad hoc sessions.

You can, of course, bring a prepared presentation from home. You can also totally make it up on the fly! Some people even get inspired during the event to whip up some slides in between sessions, or to dive deeper into a topic by initiating a fruitful discussion with the other participants…

Whatever comes to you mind, you are welcome to share!


You also have an interesting session idea? Good to hear!
Just write us a quick message with a title, a short description, your name and company – and you will hear from us.

Sessions proposed for August


Granaton, Büro für Onlineplaning

— Storytelling vs Mobile First

Warum ich meinen Kunden meistens Desktop Design plus Mobile App empfehle, anstatt ihnen responsive Design anzubieten.

Kerstin Puigmarti Concha (Just Software AG)

— Emotional Design with (a) Character

How to make a mascot the soul of your product and your company

Indra Burkart (Rackspace Technology)

— How to survive as single UX Designer

We all know that it is hard to work alone in our field. This session is about sharing tips that will hopefully make your (working) life easier.

Fabian Fabian (sum.cumo Sapiens GmbH)

— Dein Abnahmekriterium – das unbekannte Wesen

Immer wieder wundern sich Designer, dass ein Feature anderes entwickelt wurde, als sie sich das gedacht hatten. Usability Abnahmekriterien können da helfen. Indem wir Interaktion als Abnahmekriteria formulieren und direkt in den Tickets unterbringen, werden sie verbindlich. Im Gegenzug braucht es Dialog mit den Entwicklern zu Format und Praktikabilität.

Renko Noelken (Freelancer)

— Designing Data Solutions

Data solutions are products built around data. In this talk I want to share insights about the challenges and possibilites you are facing in this area. Starting with typical characteristics of enterprise users, over the consequences of working with data, ending with recommendations for usable data visualizations, we will build up a small set of pragmatic guidelines to build up usable data products.

Thorsten Jonas (Strategic UX Consulting)

— SUX - The Sustainable UX Playbook

„The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.“ the famous polar explorer Robert Swan once said. Designers are more powerful than ever. But, how can we use this power to drive sustainability practically and to be a change in and with our daily work? What does it mean to design for sustainability? What do we need? And how can we get it?

Melina Trieb (Fielmann) & Lisa Radel (immowelt)

— UX Research Repositories