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Mark your calendars:

Come and join the 2024 UX Camp on 3 August!

As always, you can look forward to a great atmosphere, lovely people and inspiring topics that will sparkle conversations around the currently hottest topics in UX.

As there are only a limited number of tickets available, please make sure you only get a ticket if you know you can make it. Thanks!

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Illustration by Thuy Vo-Dao

Camp countdown

Hamburg’s User Experience Barcamp: amazing since 2012

The UX Camp Hamburg is a barcamp where people come together who are interested in the broad topic User Experience: designers, strategists, product people, writers, developers… and everyone else.

„What’s a barcamp?!“, we hear you ask.
Great question! Well, a barcamp is like a conference, except that anybody who would like to contribute a topic can do so, and anyone with the desire to simply participate and learn is welcome to join as well.

The bottom line:
There are no spectators – only participants

Want to send some love? Or do you have a question?

Whatever it is: Feel free to drop us a line.

How to contribute:

  • give a talk

  • ask questions & discuss

  • make some noise on social media

  • become a volunteer

  • become a sponsor

  • be nice & help out wherever you can to make this day a wonderful one for everybody ❤️

What to expect



Planning Phase

After a quick hello and introduction, it's your chance to present your idea for a session. The crowd will give immediate feedback, so we know roughly how many people may want to join you. Slot by slot, we'll put together our agenda for the day.


The Sessions

Each session is 45 minutes. If you are a session host, please don't spend more than 30 minutes talking, so there are at least 15 minutes left for questions and discussions. Between the slots we'll have plenty of breaks, of course.


Good Vibes

There will be food and drink and plenty of time for you to meet and talk to people. In the evening, we will come together to thank and celebrate all of you – and we also might have another drink together.


2018 was a blast!

While we are relaxing from 2019, we have some fond memories of our 2018 camp we want to share with you.

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Sponsors 2024

You want to join the club of supporters? Good to hear!

Our Main Sponsors

Our Support Sponsors

Party – Sweets – Coffee

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Oh, this makes us feel nostalgic...

Impressions from previous events

Whenever we come together, we have such a great time! Those images make us look forward to 3 August even more, don’t they?

Find all photos on our flickr stream. Enjoy! 😎