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All aboard: We’re about to drop some tickets!

As per usual, we put our thinking hats on and adjusted our ticketing system a bit. There are two kinds of tickets this year:

Lucky Ticket

Raffle is closed.


Only 1 entry per person

Between June 4th and 11th you will have time to put your name in the running for our raffle of free tickets. Winners will receive a ticket code via e-mail.

  • Trust your luck
  • Join us rather spontaneously
  • Feel the thrill
  • Get a ticket code
Raffle is closed

Friends of UX Camp Ticket

Starting Monday, May 23rd, 10 AM.


sold out for now

Buy a ticket & support the camp. In exchange you will be guaranteed a camp ticket - and our eternal gratitude.

  • Support the camp
  • Get a guaranteed ticket
  • Be able to make plans early
  • Get our eternal gratitude
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