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How long are the sessions?

Sessions are generally split into two parts: 30 minutes of the speaker talking and 15 minutes of Q&A – but: You are the camp! We have also had workshops or sessions with conversation only, feel free to do whatever you like, as long as your attendees have their say in it.

Which language are the sessions in?

We usually recommend preparing your session in English. In the end you, as a speaker, should ask your audience which language they prefer – if there are German-speaking people only, you can of course hold your session in German, but depending on the audience, English might be more inclusive. And: if you do not feel comfortable in English at all, please don’t hesitate to say that, at best during your session pitch in the morning. No worries!

What does ``You are the camp`` mean?

A barcamp is a special form of a conference: the attendees are also the speakers. – Meaning: at the very beginning, we gather all the ideas for talks that we have, then we vote which ones we would like to attend.

But „You are the camp“ also means: it is your responsibility to make this event a great one for all of us. So just follow the house-keeping-rules, help us keep the venue tidy, help others and have lots of fun!

What can I do to support you?

Get in contact with others.

Have an open mind.

Contribute with ideas, discussions, sessions, social media shares, tweets, hugs and love.

Who is organizing this event?

In the Contacts section you can find the great people organizing this camp. And, yes, we do this for free. Everything.

I really, really, really want to come, can I have an extra ticket?

No, sorry. We cannot make any exceptions.

We want this event to stay small and cozy, so you have many opportunities to get in touch with each other. If it weren’t as small, it wouldn’t be as great!

…not even if I propose a session?

Please note that we only accept session proposals for the camp some weeks ahead of time. We want to make sure our speakers are all motivated and interested in holding sessions, so we try to avoid accepting sessions after regular tickets have already sold out.

Whaaat? You still have a question?
Feel free to write us on twitter or send us an e-mail.